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Update #9

Orange Gelée’s Official Launch Date and What to Expect

By Marie Lodi | Feb 20, 2024

Please prepare your Filofax, because I have a VERY important date for you to jot down in your calendar.

Orange Gelée’s Official Launch Date: March 28th
a calendar for march 2024 with a tube of Orange Gelée on the 28th

Orange Gelée by Vacation® will officially launch on March 28! (Ooh, an Aries? Fabulous!) It will be available to purchase directly here at vacation.inc, or you can pick it up at retailers such as Ulta, Nordstrom, and Amazon. But that’s not all — as we promised, all of our magnificent subscribers will be able to sign up to pre-purchase Orange Gelée! That date is coming soon, but in the meantime, sign up for the list if you haven’t yet. Once the pre-sale kicks off, you’ll get a special subscriber link in your email to be among the first to have it in your hands.

Sneak Peeks, Coming Soon!
a computer with the orange sole project on the screen

From here on out, my updates will give you more glimpses behind the (orange) curtain, as they will focus on the critical development factors of the new Orange Gelée. The following updates will include:

The Magic Behind Orange Gelée’s Ingredients

How We Developed the Scent of Orange Gelée

The Original SPF Vs. Orange Gelée by Vacation®’s SPF

A Look into Orange Gelée’s Packaging

How We’re Marketing Orange Gelée

Plus more exciting news

It will all lead up to the March launch, which brings Orange Gelée just in time for the warm and sunny weather! I don’t know about you, but I’m already planning my poolside looks for what is sure to be Orange Gelée Summer.

Orange Gelée’s Official Launch Date and What to Expect

The Orange Gelèe Revival Project is a joint initiative between Vacation® and Orange Gelee fans to bring back the beloved product by Summer 2024.

a tube of orange vacation brand sunscreen gel

The Orange Gelée Revival Project is now complete.

Shop The Completed Orange Gelée


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