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Update #2

Meet the Orange Gelée Advisory Board

By Marie Lodi | Dec 9, 2023

The Orange Gelée Advisory Board is composed of notable dermatologists, industry experts, modern beauty mavens, and Orange Gelée superfans. This mighty group has been sharing their insights on test samples while giving us advice and feedback on the formula, scent, and more. Vacation® 's in-house experts, VP of Product Development Katrina Virani, Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Elizabeth Hale, and master fragrance developer Carlos Huber, are also guiding us along the way.

As they say, it takes a village! Say hello to the 12 Orange Gelée Advisory Board individuals helping us bring Orange Gelée by Vacation® to life.

Meet the Orange Gelée Advisory Board

Meet the Orange Gelée Advisory Board

Thalia Pappas

After being introduced to Orange Gelée at 16 years old, Thalia became a lifelong fan. So devastated by the news that Orange Gelée was discontinued, Thalia tried duping it herself, which shows just how hardcore she is about the product.

Ali Fadakar

As a former fragrance buyer in the ‘90s and 2000s, Ali knows everything there is to know about what makes certain scents a hit. He brings his retail expertise and vast knowledge of the perfume category to the project — crucial for a fragrance-forward product like Orange Gelée.

Deana Clement

Ever since her parents introduced her to the wonderful world of Orange Gelée, Deana always made it a part of her beach routine. It has also fanned her creative spark; Deana, a photographer, created an entire collection of fine art prints featuring Orange Gelée.

Dr. Caroline Robinson

The Chicago-based dermatologist and founder of Tone Dermatology is advising us on all things skin and sun. The self-professed sunscreen queen is all about educating others on the importance of SPF, including dispelling myths and misconceptions about sun protection in communities of color.

Rodman Primack

Orange Gelée has always been in Rodman’s life, thanks to his mother and grandmother, who were ardent users of the product. The architectural designer and former Executive Director and Chief Creative Officer of Design Miami will lend his creative eye to all things art and design for the project. 

Jessie Siu

She may be new to Orange Gelée, but as an employee at Vacation®, Jessie knows a thing or two about sunscreen. Intrigued by all the commotion around this cult-favorite product, Jessie will provide valued input as a newbie and (hopefully!) future Orange Gelée fan.

Robbyn Norman

With her background as a beauty packaging vendor, Robbyn knows what will make or break the right suncare product, particularly regarding materials. But she’s also a longtime Orange Gelée user! The unique metal tube caught her eye when she first tried it during a backyard tanning session with friends, and she never turned back.

Denise Dion

She’s not only the mom of someone who works at Vacation®, but Denise is also a longtime Orange Gelée user. A former “sun worshiper,” Denise was immediately hooked after being introduced to the orange gel by a friend in her youth.

Jordan Rumsey

She may not have been born during the height of Orange Gelée’s popularity, but you wouldn't know it when you witness Jordan’s massive love for the 1980s. The Orange Gelée advertising enthusiast runs a popular TikTok account that shows her unwavering appreciation for the decade — fashion, cultural contributions, and all.

Julee Wilson

During her editorial career, Julie has held positions at Essence and Huffington Post, and is currently the beauty editor-at-large for Cosmopolitan. With a wealth of knowledge of all things in the beauty realm (and experience testing hundreds of products throughout her career), her input is pivotal to the development of the new Orange Gelée.

The Orange Gelèe Revival Project is a joint initiative between Vacation® and Orange Gelee fans to bring back the beloved product by Summer 2024.

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The Orange Gelée Revival Project is now complete.

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